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Advocate Jörg Seifert

From the end of 1997 to mid-2024 Advocate Seifert was a partner in the law firm Al Sharif Advocates & Legal Consultants, a commercial law firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The law firm was founded in 1982 and is therefore one of the long-established local commercial law firms.

In mid-2024 Advocate Seifert established his own law firm (Kanzlei RA Seifert & Partner Inc.). In exclusive cooperation with Al Sharif Advocates & Legal Consultants he continues advising international clients on all business-related legal issues and on developing, negotiating and implementing investment strategies in the UAE.

Advocate Seifert is a specialist in cross-border transactions, direct investments and marketing within the countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council and more particularly the UAE.


The areas of expertise covered include e.g.:

Civil & Criminal Litigation
In exclusive cooperation with Al Sharif Advocates & Legal Consultants, clients can further on be represented before the courts of the UAE.

Unlike foreign law firms practising in the UAE, Al Sharif Advocates & Legal Consultants, as a local firm, has the right of audience before all UAE courts and can represent clients at all stages of litigation.


Kanzlei RA Seifert & Partner Inc. operates in collaboration with a network of correspondent offices in the Middle East and Europe guaranteeing its clients fast and high-quality legal services and consultation on any cross-border issues.

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 Investitionsführer VAE
Investitionsführer VAE
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Property Law Dubai

Kanzlei RA Seifert & Partner Inc.
Advocate Jörg Seifert
Tel: +971 50 636 7443
Tel: +351 915 216 541
E-Mail: seifert@dubai-lawyer.com
Jörg Seifert is a German advocate (Rechtsanwalt) and member of the Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer) Oldenburg/Lower Saxony.
He is practising his profession in accordance with the provisions of the Rules and Regulations for the German Bar.